The mechanical systems in your building are the heartbeat of your brick and mortar.  Who do you trust to service and maintain your critical equipment?  

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems in your building are the central focus of Search Climate Control, Inc. Michael Rooney, President and Founder of Search Climate Control, Inc., invites you to experience the reliability and uptime of HVAC/R systems maintained by SCCI’s professional technicians.

In addition to assuring your current systems operate within the manufacturers’ specifications, SCCI has the time and talent to sit down with your Facilities Management Team, review your existing systems viability, forecast future equipment requirements, and maximize the value of your R&M and Obsolescence Plan dollars.  

We are licensed by the State of Ohio #23238 and insured for all services provided. Most importantly, we are committed to execute your plans within the project timeline and budget.

Site Update December 17, 2019
Search Climate Control, Inc.
Our name is our bread & butter.  We need contractors who respect  our customer commitment to be "Open for Business". Search Climate and foodservice go hand-in-hand . . . 
Mike B., 
Facilities Manager
Signature Services
  • HVAC-R Systems Design and Installation through Start-up
  • HVAC-R Component Service and Upgrades
  • Building Controls, Zoned Systems, Ventilation
  • Warranty Administration
  • Green Building Support
  • Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • Obsolescence Forecasting
  • EPA Compliance
  • Financing for Qualified Projects

Why choose us?
1. SCCI believes you are our #1 asset.
2. SCCI is accountable   to you 24/7!
3. SCCI offers PM Agreement subscribers preferred rates!
Jack Frost is near!
 Keep your employees & customers  
WARM all winter!
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