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Our "Brand" is driven by quality processes that yield uncompromising results.   Search Climate Control is a  contractor that has proven they understand this commitment by providing reliable, 24/7 service to our buildings and manufacturing systems.  A key role of any FM is to achieve planned uptime targets within budget . . . it's all about preventative maintenance, planned upgrades, and effective response from key resources . . . Search Climate Control.
Rich R.
Facility Manager
Columbus, Ohio

I think every non-profit organization hopes to find a contractor like Search Climate Control.  SCC has the experience to keep our equipment operating at peak efficiency with minimum downtown.  Mike Rooney has made a difference whether it's maintaining existing over the past 10 years or supporting our  expansion.
Dennis N.
Facility Manager
Gahanna, Ohio

People are welcomed into our buildings every day that come specifically to learn new skills, discover new or hone existing talents, and further develop their capabilities through focused rehabilitation programs.   Our buildings' functionality is critical.  When looking for a contractor, we look for high quality service delivered in a timely manner and at a competitive rate.  Is your HVACR critical?  Call Search Climate.

Brad B.
Facilities Engineer
Columbus, Ohio

Our name is our bread & butter.  We need contractors who respect  our customer commitment to be "Open for Business". Search Climate and foodservice go hand-in-hand . . . 
Mike B., 
Facilities Manager

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